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1 Essential Needs Global Wealthplan (hereinafter also known as "the company" or "ENGWP") is a multilevel marketing company and as any other business set up of its type your reward and result depend on your individual and team efforts and experiences as stated in the company's compensation plan (hereinafter also know as "the business").
2 The company will not be liable to any unknown and unforeseen risk both in business of its type and in general business world or as a result of the internet which may result to the ineffectiveness of the company.
3 The membership of the company is based on the payment of the registration fee of $25 to the company's accounts as the company is not responsible to any Money not paid to its recommended accounts.
4 All registration and commission money paid to the company's accounts are not refundable.
5 The company is not responsible for the actions or claims of its members in the cause of advertising, promoting or marketing of the business. Essential Needs Global Wealthplan Ltd shall reward members based on the compensation plan and not based on false claims made by anyone.
6 The claim of each member is based on his/her personal effort and that of their team members as has been stated in the compensation plan.
7 The company reserves absolute and exclusive right to review or amend these terms and conditions and as regards the compensation plan and rewards without prior consultation to members to ensure sustainability of the business having in mind the overall interest of the company and the whole membership.
8 Members must update their ENGWP profile with their current bank account details before raising encashment or withdrawal request. The company will not be liable for any payment made to a bank account provided in a member's profile in error.

Monetization Of Awards
9 The monetization of the company's awards are as follows:
1) Electronics/Equipments (Stage 2): 70% of the worth.
However, the company reserves the exclusive right, at its discretion to allow monetization for only members with multiple accounts.

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