Essential Needs Global Wealthplan (ENGWP) is a people empowerment company on a mission to improve the general living standards of the people through the provision of economically viable skills acquisition, daily passive income opportunities and an enriching financial empowerment and reward system.

Essential Needs Global Wealthplan was born out of the need to present everyone with a unique opportunity to earn passive income without the overhead costs and bottlenecks inherent in a traditional business model with little investment and minimal effort. We strongly believe that economically essential skills acquisition is the panacea to wealth creation for grassroot empowerment and development.

We Train. We Build. We Empower.

Essential Needs Wealthplan Skill Acquisition

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Essential Needs Global WealthPlan is a sustainable solution to POVERTY, UNEMPLOYMENT and S.M.E FINANCING. Having attained frightening global alarming rates in recent times, the duo of Poverty and Unemployment with the attendant economic and social vices occasioned by them, should not be left alone for governments to tackle. To this effect, Essential Needs Global WealthPlan is proffering a sustainable solution through our WEALTHPLAN initiative to defeat these monstrous emergencies or bring them to insubstantial levels in our society.


We envision a world where willing individuals are gainfully employed cum financially and economically empowered to meet their basic needs and live the life of their dreams thereby bringing crime and other social vices to the barest minimum.

Eradicating Poverty Through Skill Acquisition And Passive Income Opportunity.

Using the Multi Level Marketing model as a veritable tool to achieve its vision of a world where people are financially and economically empowered to live their dreams, ENGWP rewards members generously with the opportunity to earn sustainable, consistent residual income from products and services used by everyone everyday.

Essential Needs Global WealthPlan.....building sustainable wealth, changing lives positively.



To give everyone the opportunity to earn A LIFETIME of passive income and to proffer a lasting solution to poverty, unemployment and housing deficit and thereby engender people's improved standard of living.


To help our members build NET-WORTH through NETWORK MARKETING and empower them financially to live the life of their dreams by leveraging on sustainable and diversified means of wealth accumulation.

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